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Who are we?

Coenersol, Corporación Iniciativas y Proyectos de Energía Solar S.L., is a business corporation that supports and delivers renewable energies, and committed to placing technology at the service of ecology, in defence of our environment.

Coenersol has rapidly become a leader in the solar energy sector thanks to the huge amount of power originating in our many solar energy parks, and connecting it to the electricity distribution grid.

Coenersol is about green technology. With our effort and our determination, we contribute to the fostering and the backing of projects and products that help to improve our environment.

At Coenersol we are committed to technological innovation, constant improvements in systems, competitive prices and conditions in all our work teams. Every one of our projects and in all our solar energy installations, we provide our clients a climate of trust, a high level of advisory and technical services that are reliable and of proven quality.

Coenersol in figures
Turnover 2008 31.150.000 €
Own capital 2008 240.675 €
assets 2008 8.419.000 €
Turnover 2009 5.280.000 €
Own capital 2009 4.305.259 €
assets 2009 8.419.393 €

coenersol Corporación Iniciativas y Proyectos de Energía Solar, S.L.

C/ Electrónica 19, 10º C 08915 Badalona (Barcelona) - Tel: +34 93 395 42 94 - Fax: +34 93 395 28 24

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